Frequently Asked Questions

When we are first contacted, we are often asked the same questions and here we will try to answer as many as we can.

We hope this will help answer any of the questions you may have, however if you have any other questions at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Absolutely! We are not in this business to get as much money from you that we can. We work within your budget and your limits which you set. Don’t see our service as another cost to your wedding as more often than not the money we can help you save on your wedding is likely to far outweigh the fees you pay us.

The reason we don’t show our prices on the website is because each bride and groom have their own budget, ideas, plans for their special day. Each bride and groom will have different needs and requests to how much of our service they require. You may want help just with the initial planning or you may want the full wedding package help where your planner not only helps plan your wedding but also attends to ensure all runs to plan. We do not talk you into anything you cannot afford, you tell us what you want us to do and we can work out a price to suit within your budget. Please contact us to get an idea of cost.

No, you first consultation is completely free and you have no obligation to sign an agreement with us, However at the end of your consultation we will ask you if you would like us to plan your wedding or event for you, and then if you do want us to go ahead we will ask you to sign a service agreement. Even then if you decide to sign you will still have 14 days cooling off period and time to pay your deposit.

The final decision is always yours. We will give you options and will talk with you often, however as you will be the ones paying the bills, the final decision is always yours.

As soon as you can, whether you are getting married in weeks, months or even years, arrange a free consultation now and we will work with you from there.

It can take approx 250 hours to plan and arrange the average wedding. This includes research, planning, booking and finalizing everything.

No need to panic, it all starts here, Once you book your free consultation, we will sit down with you and work out which direction you would like to go and once you sign an agreement with us, we will then go through preparing a budget and work with you , to ensure that the budget is kept under control.

Absolutely, that’s what wedding planners are for, to help you give the wedding of your dreams, the impossible is not as impossible as you may think, it just may take a little longer to achieve the results you want.

Contact us now and enjoy the wedding you have always dreamed of