My husband and I really felt the stress of planning our London wedding, mostly because as an American, my support system was an ocean away.


This left me to organise a wedding on my own. As the year went on, I knew that I would need to hire a wedding planner for the day of my wedding so that I could actually enjoy the wedding.

All I expected was a quick email exchange and then someone to just be in charge of timings on the day. What I didn’t expect was the amazing Amanda.

From our first meeting, she felt more like a mother than a wedding planner, helping me to feel secure and taken care of. She took all the annoying little details off my plate, and became a support system for me.

On the day, my mother commented: “I never even actually saw the wedding planner!” My sister responded with: “That’s the sign of a good wedding planner.” After the wedding, the first compliment most people gave us was how organised the day was, and I know I have Amanda to thank for that. If there were problems, no one knew about it. She chased contracts from vendors for me, managed the decorating, directed the florists and handled an 8 piece band and all of their demands.

At the end of the evening she slipped away in the humble manner that makes her so special. I cannot recommend Ardley Weddings enough to any couple, as Amanda will ensure they have the best day of their lives.

All the best,